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South Carolina Beach in Winter

Charleston is a pretty cool town. We rented bikes and cruised around on the beach, chasing seagulls, flying kites, and generally having a good time. Beaches in winter, who would have thought?

Steel Drums

So I was sitting at a fairly kitchy mall-adjacent caribbean-themed “seafood” loud hookupy barstaurant tonight, trying to amuse myself alone on business in Orlando, and suddenly, some dude started playing steel drums:

Yeah.  That.

I was also drinking wine, reading Barbara Kingsolver, and destroying a Cuban sandwich.  It was PREPOSTEROUS.

My thoughts on AMC’s Prisoner remake

Not Amusing.

You tell ’em, McGoohan.

Introducing the “I Heart Heart Cat Cat Map Map App App”

Hello everyone! I’m rolling out a stupid little app for my greenville friends today. If you’re not in my Greenville circle of friends, you may need a little background here…
Actually, this origin story has become the stuff of legend over time, so the following may be totally inaccurate.
A while back, two of my friends Kate and Katie found this horrendous sweater-shirt thing at the Greenville thrift store. It’s clearly a sweater material, but it has short sleeves? What the heck is that all about? It has the letter “I” on it, two hearts, and two cats. The inexplicable monstrosity has been ever since referred to as the “I Heart Heart Cat Cat” shirt. We’ve all taken pictures wearing it – this has sortof become a hazing ceremony for joining our group of friends. It’s a right of passage thing.
Now that a lot of our friends are traveling the world and doing cool things, we decided to take some advice from the whole “traveling garden gnome” thing, and take pictures of us wearing the shirt in cool places, in front of historic and famous monuments, and the like. Of course, we need a Google maps mashup to keep track of all this, right? RIGHT??
Well, either way, I made one. I’m calling it the I Heart Heart Cat Cat Map Map App App.

Kristin looks awesome in that one.
From a technical standpoint, not too much interesting going on here. I did use MySQL’s spatial datatypes (only POINT, really) for storing the coordinates. This isn’t technically correct since MySQL only deals with planar points and lat/long are curvilinear, but I’ve been sorta geeking out over GIS technology lately, and I really just wanted to get used to the OpenGIS stuff. Any distance calculations I’ll have to do out of the db, but I don’t really think I’ll be doing much of those anyway.
The other kinda cool thing I did was set up an approval system. Instead of having users and junk to deal with (so not just ANYONE can post an image), The system accepts all images, thumbnails them and such, and sends an email with an approval code link. I check out the thumbnail in the email, decide if it’s cool, and click a link to either approve or reject it. Neato.
So there you have it. Check it out now and then, as we should have some new additions happening soon, coming from Turkey and London (hint hint kittermans).

Dresden Codak

So I just discovered Dresden Codak. They are IN-CREDIBLE.
for example, this one.

On Art, again.

“Science advances at the rate that technology provides tools of greater precision, while art advances at the pace that evolution provides minds with greater insight – a pace that is, for better or worse, glacially slow. Thus while the stone tools fashioned by cave dwellers an Ice Age ago are hopelessly primitive by current technological standards, their wall paintings remain as elegant and expressive as any modern art. And while a hundred civilizations have prospered (sometimes for centuries) without computers or windmills or even the wheel, none have survived even a few generations without art.
Art is art partially because it is constantly taking what has been done to the next level. Interesting in the context of art’s timeless quality and “glacial” innovation. Please leave some thoughts. I am running low on my own.

Dilbert is Cool

That one just made me laugh.
United Media Syndicate don’t sue me. I’m just sharing some love… You email these out for free anyway… and you made it hard to link to your site. Don’t sue, don’t SUE!!!!