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Fat Head II Ribbon Mic Clips

I got myself some ribbon mics the other day.  Here’s a few clips of the first time I used them for any actual recording.

I played my junky old Sorento guitar through my Fender Prosonic on the dirty channel with a heavy dose of amp reverb, and stuck an sm57 about a foot away through one of the Octopre preamps, and used the Fat Head II on the other side of the room, pointing at the amp, and ran that through my Seventh Circle Audio A12 preamp.  So we have a close/room mix.  For the record, there is a slight EQ on the fathead tracks, mostly just a rumble (read: Heating Noise) reducer:

I forgot this was on them until I bounced out most of the tracks, so tuff luck- there’s EQ on them.

First up is a section where I’m playing a crappy guitar solo.  I have no chops.  I have clips of the 57 alone, FH alone, mixed, and then in the context of the song.  Remember the placement is VERY different on the mics.

sm57 Solo

Fat Head Solo Guitar

57 + FH Solo Guitar

In Context 57 + FH Guitar Solo

Then I’ve got the same thing for a crunchy section.

SM57 Crunch Guitar

FHII Crunch Guitar

57 + FH Crunch

In Context 57 + FH Crunch Guitar

I really like the mic.  I’m gonna try to build some portable cheap acoustic panels out of rigid fiberglass insulation to improve the room sound somewhat…  I am also planning on swapping out the stock transformers for some luhndals.  They sell them this way on their website, but I can order them and do the mod myself for less money.  And I’m going to mess around with my Little Labs IBP plugin for my UA card to see if that makes the mics play any nicer together, but even as is- with minimal fuss, I think the combination of 57 + ribbon adds a nice beefiness to the texture.

I also cut some demo vocals with the thing, and they sound pretty neat too.  If I determine the clips are suitable (read: minimally embarrassing), I’ll have some clips of that as well.