Matthew C Good : Musician, Software Engineer, Hobbyist.

Matthew C Good

730 Shadowood Dr, Nashville, TN 37205

(This resume is specific to my music career. You may be more interested my software development resume.)

Skills Summary

  • Digidesign ProTools (recording software)
  • Experience building electronics equipment (preamps and guitar pedals, etc)
  • Live sound reinforcement, live concert & location recording.

Work Experience

Studio Manager, Greenville College Music Department

Greenville, IL (August 2005 – May 2006)

  • Managed, maintained, & supported high-end recording studio using Apple G5 computers and Digidesign ProTools HD hardware
  • Assisted and tutored peers with troubleshooting of hardware, software, and audio problems


B.S Contemporary Music (studio recording emphasis), Computer Science, Greenville College, Greenville, IL (2002-2006)

  • 3.87 Cumulative GPA (Magna Cum Laude) – Dean’s List
  • Greenville College Presidential Scholarship award winner, Carrier & Grant Scholarship winner
  • Extra-Curricular activities included performing in String Ensemble & writing for the school paper
  • Personally recognized in President’s final address to Student Body for academic excellence

Training and Certifications

  • Digidesign Pro Tools 101 Certification

(References available upon request)

Recording Projects

Better Days Ahead – You Loved Me When (2003)

Co-produced with Andrew Soemo at Greenville College’s studios.

5 Penny Theater – Another One Band Show (year)

Engineered at my home studio.

Thirstborne – Let Me Fly (2003)

Played violin parts on the single “Let Me Fly” and ran live sound for several tour dates with the band.

Solafide / Dear Future – Unreleased demos (2005)

Recorded several demos with the band at Greenville College’s studios.

Amnesty Letters – EP & songs (2003-2006)

Recorded 2 songs with the band for an EP, then later joined the band and recorded several more songs for an album. Also tracked the band live to demo new songs.

Photoside Cafe – Album Name (2005)

Recorded and mixed several songs for this band in Greenville Colleges new relocated studios.

Conrad – The Shortest Distance Between Two Points (2006)

My solo project. Performed, recorded, mixed all songs, and wrote them all (except for one Cash cover) as well. Recorded in a number of locations including Greenville College’s studios (old and new locations), the upstairs of a house, and the basement of a house.

She Likes Todd – Outta Line in 99 (1999)

Recorded and mixed this fun and raw punk album at my home studio.

Berry – Unreleased live recordings

Multitrack recording and mixing using my own studio equipment for the band’s live show at Greenville College.

Lexington – Unreleased live recordings

Multitrack recording using my own equipment of the band’s show at Greenville College. This project was mixed by my friend Chase Macri.

Various Senior Recitals for graduating music students (2002-2006)

Music students were required to perform a juried recital before graduating, and have it recorded. These varied stylistically from solo voice and piano accompaniment to full band arrangements for contemporary guitarists. They typically involved many style changes, instrumentation changes, guest musicians, and a full lighting/sound installation as well. In addition, since these were live concerts, there was only one chance to get them right. I tracked and mixed recordings for many graduates of Greenville College using my own equipment during my time there, and was one of the sought-after engineers for this purpose.