Matthew C Good : Musician, Software Engineer, Hobbyist.

My Workspace

My Workspace

This was my workspace on 2-5-2010. Click for a humongous version (1.9mb).

Items of note:

  • Ohm’s Law
  • Medicine Man balsa wood glider (half finished)
  • Make:Electronics book, Maker’s Notebook
  • Woolly Mammoth clone guitar pedal, nearly done
  • 2.5 gallon fishtank, testing out temperature logging via LM34 and Arduino (see FishApp) for more details.
  • There are no less than five computers on/around my desk. Not all are visible.
  • Small cheap telescope
  • Printing plate of some old ship
  • Guitars.
  • More guitars.

The mess?  Oh, that just means I’m getting work done.

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  1. Jaron Davis says:

    Nice X-Files poster.

  2. […] love this panoramic series of photos of Matthew Good’s workshop. He describes the contents: Ohm’s Law Medicine Man balsa wood glider (half […]

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