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Make-ing Things

I’ve been busily  making stuff.  Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

This is my version of a Woolly Mammoth guitar pedal I’m going to call “Mastodon Dave.” This is the test wiring.  Yet to be done is to get Kristin to paint the case, and then I’ll do the final wiring.

I’m working on a balsa glider with plans I got from (the incomparable) Make Magazine.  Here I am working on the critical step of joining the two sides of the fuselage together.

You can see that the two sides are more or less straight.  After doing some more finicky work, sanding, gluing, tweaking, and fussing, it looks even a little better now.  In the background of the above photo, you can see my new telescope – the latest accoutrement for my long series of intellectual obsessions.

The fuselage nearing completion.  Shaping the nose cone was a little hard.

Here’s a little trick I picked up from this guy’s photoset – bevel the edges of the equipment bay hatch so it will slide in and out rather than tack-gluing it or using tabs like the plans said.  I am really happy with the job I did on it, too, and when it is closed, you can barely tell there are two seams there.

I’m also working on the physical hardware for the sensors for my Fishapp. It’s coming along well, but slowly, as the mounting and hardware is the hardest thing about those kinds of projects for me.

Happy Making!

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