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Design Geek in the Making

I’ll admit it, I’m starting to become a bit of one.
I’ve definitely had conversations where I will refuse to say “red” when a simple “FF0000” will suffice.


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  1. mallio says:

    Lorem ipsum should be to web designers what pi is to mathmaticians…like, you brag about knowing lorem ipsum to n words.
    “I know Lorem Ipsum to 15 words, how bout you?”
    “lorem ipsum? is that latin? what does that mean?”
    “ha ha ha, puny mortal. your ignorance amuses me.”
    “i’m pretty sure i want to call you some kind of geek, but i’m not sure what kind…”
    /knows it to 5 words (also facinated by lower case g’s)

  2. matty says:

    yeah, i’m such a design geek that I’m still using the MOST BASIC UGLY moveable type theme there is. I’ll get around to a redesign someday, I swear.
    I think I have it to 6 words. But I can’t pronounce the 6th.

  3. If they were true design geeks #20 would say “command-Z” instead of “apple-Z.” That said, I have wished that cmd-Z worked in real life.

  4. katie knows best says:

    I agree with James… like that time that I caught my foot in my computer’s power cord and pulled my laptop off my desk. That was a cmd-Z day.

  5. Dan Costalis says:

    That Ctrl-Z shirt should have a picture of an ex-wife instead.
    I chortled at this. thank you.

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