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Breakfast at Work – Edit, read it again.

So at work we usually have a quick dev meeting on Fridays to talk about what we’ve been working on, what’s coming up, etc. We usually have donuts and/or bagels. Its nice.
Today, my sorta-boss dude Tom brought in… an electric griddle. And bacon. And pancake mix. And sausages. And cooked all of us breakfast during the meeting. It was fantastic. And surreal.
tom, cooking breakfast.
There he is. Cooking breakfast.
locking shawn in his office.
There he is. Locking Shawn in his office. With duct tape.
Speaking of the office, here’s a picture of me smiling at my new cube. Sorry its exposed so terribly, its a cell-phone camera.
Me, looking smarmy.
And here’s one of shawn – with a big check:
Shawn, who doesn't work at my company anymore, holding one of those HUGE checks
Yeah, that’s about the size of a typical Christmas bonus at my company… Yeah right.


5 Responses

  1. Dan Costalis says:

    very nice…
    My pops… err… boss brings in bagels sometimes. but he takes me out to lunch about 3 days a week too. it’s pretty nice.

  2. Chase says:

    I get to eat before I get to work, oatmeal…

  3. allison says:

    Yeah, I get half price on certain menu items either before or after my shift ony, and I can’t take the food to go, I have to eat in the back of the kitchen. Yeah, my work rocks. There is occasionally free alcohol though. At least whn no one’s looking and the bartenders a friend.

  4. katie knows best says:

    I don’t work. So I don’t get breakfast. Boo.

  5. mallio says:

    I get free alcohol at work on some random fridays, and one time someone brought bagels and muffins, and there were a couple times that someone baked cookies, but no one has ever come in with a griddle and cooked breakfast during a meeting. that’s pretty awesome.
    “mmmm this bacon really complements this java…code.”

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